2012 Mustang Boss 302

Mustang Boss exterior changes are subtle yet clear. In accordance with the race-bred heritage, every component that could potentially help the aerodynamics or performance of the engine or brakes checked to make vehicles more competitive, while chief designer Darrell Behmer refined styling to evoke Boss 1969 in a contemporary way. Boss to organize separately, each car will have a black or white roof panel, color coordinated with the C-line. Exterior colors available are Competition Orange, Performance White, Kona Blue Metallic, Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat metal and the Red Race.

In fronta unique fascia and grille are highlighted by the blocked-off fog lamp openings and aggressive lower splitterthe version of the design used and proven on race cars Boss 302RFront splitter is designed to function at high speed by efficiently managing the air under and around the carThis helps to reduce underbody drag and lift the front end while more effectively forcing air through the cooling system-specific BossAt the rearthe spoiler was chosen to complement the front aero treatment and minimize the overall appeal.

Inside, a unique Boss steering wheel is fully covered in Alcantara suede complements the standard seats, which are trimmed in cloth with suede-like inserts center hold occupants firmly in place. Boss customers who want to experience the main seat can choose the package that includes Recaro buckets, designed by Ford SVT in cooperation with Recaro for high performance Mustang models, and shared between the Boss and GT500.

The Mustang’s electric steering system has also been reworked, giving the driver a choice of three feedback settings-Comfort, Normal, and Sport. Traction and stability-control systems are reprogrammed to offer a choice of full engagement, no engagement at all, or an intermediate sport mode. 

Mustang Boss using the 5.0-liter V-8 that is set to throw a 444 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, and redline at 7500 rpm scream - 500 revs higher than the stock Mustang GT 5.0-liter V-8. Improvements made ​​to Boss 302 engines include a new intake manifold and ported heads for improved respiration, along with forged pistons and connecting rods for extra strength. Baffles in the oil pan helps keep lubrication in check during hard corners. Car also comes complete with oil cooler and radiator improves, but understood, either in combination with a crate engine.