Lamborghini Aventador Rabbioso

One of the most slick design by Lamborghini is "Lamborghini Aventador Rabbioso". Every Lamborghini is sure to be a superb sport car but Aventador Rabbioso is much more remarkable.It is a super sport couple car.It's length is about 188.2 inches and width of 79.9 inches.It has a height of 44.7 inches and a wheel base of 106.3 inches.Even though it doesn't have any seating capacity still has maximum seating of two people.It uses V12 48-Valve DOHC Turbo as its engine and it has a horse power of 777 HP.It can displace up to 6.5 liters. It's torque is 553 lb-ft.It take approximately 2.9 seconds to 0-60 mph and it has a top speed of 217 mph.We are able to travel on road or on track safely due to its special capability.The finishing of this car is just out of the world.

Specialties :


 Vehicle Type             : Super Sport
 Length                      : 188.2 in
 Wheelbase               : 106.3 in
 Height                      :  44.7 in
 Width                       : 79.9 in
 Max Seating             : 2 people
 Displacement            : 6.5 liter
 Horsepower               : 777 HP
Torque                        : 553 lb-ft
0-60 mph                     : 2.9 sec
Top Speed                  : 217 mph

According to my study so far this car is just so awesome.It has incredibly new functions and it has a great speed with a "out of the world" looks.
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